Marcs Story

Marc’s story

Marc started his career in the advertising agency world in 1989. He loved the people and the pace of the business, as well as the social side of the media world. Rising quickly through the ranks Marc become a Board Director at the age of 28.

Little did he realise his burgeoning confidence (I am sure many who knew him at the time would call it arrogance), was all just an act. One that was created out of a very fragile self-belief and, as Marc started to ‘self-medicate’, was leading to an alarming deterioration in his mental health.

As undiagnosed anxiety and depression took a hold, things he used to love doing were becoming a living nightmare. He was having panic attacks in meetings, where he found himself unable to speak or get his words out. Whilst more self-medication often resulted in bouts of uncontrollable crying on his commute and even suicidal thoughts.

There is no health without mental health

Marc Caulfield

Talk about a fightback

This is when Marc decided to do something fast, before it all fell apart. A series of unsuccessful meetings with counsellors and psychotherapists finally led to him talking to a specialist who, over the next four years, changed his life.

It also inspired Marc to become the speaker he is today, as his passion for improving mental health in the workplace, continues to impact businesses and individuals right across the UK.

Good mental health is the cornerstone to life

Marc Caulfield